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IZIP Tristar Adult Tricycles

IZIP Tristar Adult Tricycle blue     iZip Tristar Adult Trike blue angled    iZip Tristar Adult Tricycle Burgundy    iZip Brand Tristar Adult Tricycle burgundy profile
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Formerly Raleigh Brand, Now iZip Brand, Tristar Adult Tricycle. Exact Same Specs for Both Brands.

The IZIP Brand, Tristar 3-speed Adult Tricycle offers freedom and stability for adults of all ages. Perfect for a neighborhood cruise or run to the market.

With superb stability, the IZIP Tristar 3-speed is ready for your next adventure. The 24” wheel in the front and the two 20” rear wheels keep the Tristar 3-speed stable enough to ride around town yet narrow enough to fit through an exterior door for easy storage. Your clothing will stay clean and dry thanks to the front fender and the chain guard. Standard coaster brake (push the pedals backwards to stop) and front hand brake give you confidence while stopping. A lock on the front brake makes parking easy. The IZIP Comfort Tractor Saddle keeps the ride smooth and enjoyable. Whether you are taking a spin around the neighborhood, to the grocery store, or to the local park for a picnic, the Tristar 3-speed will get you there in style. These IZIP Trikes have the same specs as the Raleigh Brand Tristar Tricycles which have been re-branded with the IZIP name by the same manufacturer.


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Important:  Adult Trikes require substantial assembly. They do not come with assembly instructions and should be assembled by a professional bicycle store, or someone with excellent mechanical ability


Formerly Raleigh Brand, Now Tristar Adult Tricycles have been re-branded under the iZip brand name. Exact same specs, exact same trike, just different colors and decals.

Raleigh Tristar adult trike rear fender set for 20 inch wheels

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Rear Fenders for IZIP or Raleigh Adult Tricycles


Closeup of Torker Adult Tricycle Rear Basked

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Rear Basket for IZIP or Raleigh Adult Tricycles

Each IZIP Adult Tricycle comes standard with this basket




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